Enhance human-centered care with AI.

Create personalized experiences and educate patients so they can navigate their health journey with confidence.

Healthcare isn’t adequately addressing the needs of patients.


of patients

Did not have enough access to reliable information during their early-stage diagnosis and treatment.


of patients

Said that their inability to manage symptoms and side effects was one of their biggest health challenges.


of patients

Wished or were glad they
had educational content on
their disease state.

Scale Patient Support, Personalization, and Engagement with AI

AI enables us to deliver care with empathy, compassion, and understanding through scalable personalization. This is how we’re applying AI to help our partners address the unique needs of individual patients.

Map individual user and community needs and requirements to patient platform tools

Intelligent and personalized patient navigation through social listening

Community data mining mechanisms to understand patient needs and where they require additional support

Remote mental health and behavioural change monitoring

Discover the RxPx AI Toolkit

Over the past ten years, RxPx has been at the forefront of AI innovation in healthcare, developing various
AI tools. We’re helping our partners apply AI across a range of patient-centric tools, leveraging both
generative and predictive AI models.

Generative AI

Generate new and unique content in
accordance with medical, legal, and regulatory

Predictive AI

Make informed decisions based on
historical data patterns.

Intelligent AI Buddy
Intelligent AI Buddy
  • Onboarding assistant/chatbot that helps patients navigate health challenges
  • Help patients find other people like them using a probabilistic user model with collaborative filtering
Intelligent Content Recommendation Engine
AI Cognitive Behavior Triage Assistant
AI Nurse Assistant
Intelligent Content Moderation Assistant
Enhance MLR Efficiencies

Paving the Path Forward:
AI-Driven Solution
Revolutionizes Clinical Trials

Using machine learning, as well as persuasive, generative, and predictive AI approaches, we are launching an AI Clinical Buddy System. This project aims to help increase the efficacy and diversity of clinical trials for the development of life-saving therapies.

Diversify patient recruitment and support

Reduce operational overhead

Enhance patient physical and behavioural tracking

Increase patient adherence

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Learn more about the AI Clinical Buddy System.