RxPx Wins InterSystem’s Impact Award

We are thrilled to have been awarded the InterSystems Impact Award at this year’s Global Summit for […]

Addressing Physician Burnout: Challenges, Consequences, and AI-Driven Solutions

Physician burnout has emerged as a critical issue in the healthcare industry, impacting not only […]

How our Solution Increases Patient Adherence

Patient adherence, or the degree to which individuals follow their prescribed treatment plans, is a […]

Building Physical Literacy as an Older Adult

Although the term physical literacy sounds complex, it really is a simple concept. Physical literacy is all about developing the basic movement skills (known as fundamental movement skills) needed to be active for life!

In Case You Missed It: RxPx Brings Together a Panel of Experts for a Thoughtful Discussion on What’s Possible for the Patient Experience Through AI

In today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, understanding and meeting patient needs are paramount. Our recent webinar with FiercePharma, "What Patients Want and How AI Will Help Deliver," offered a deep conversation and recommendations on leveraging technology to enhance the patient experience.

Strategies for Pharmaceutical Brands and Health Organizations to Scale-Up Digital Health Innovations

The successful development and widespread adoption of digital health innovations requires strategic planning, collaboration, and […]

Why Organizations Should Prioritize Adopting and Scaling Digital Health Innovations

Digital health innovations are reshaping traditional healthcare models, offering unprecedented opportunities to revolutionize patient care, enhance operational efficiencies, and drive sustainable growth. As organizations navigate this shift, it's crucial to understand why prioritizing the adoption and scaling of digital health innovations is imperative.

Webinar Recap: Human-centered design in healthcare

Missed our recent webinar on Human-Centered Design in Healthcare? Don't worry; we've got you covered! Here is a quick recap.

Return on Health – Discover the Importance

Medication adherence is one of the biggest challenges in healthcare. According to the World Health Organization, non-adherence can account for up to 50% of treatment failures, an estimated 125,000 deaths, and up to 25% of hospitalizations each year in the United...

It’s Time to Look at Soft Adherence – Here’s How We’re Doing It

A key performance indicator for pharmaceutical companies is patient adherence to medication, with 80% being the typical adherence rate for optimal therapeutic efficacy.

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