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Scale and augment patient support initiatives through an innovative and holistic approach to digital healthcare.

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For more than 15 years, RxPx has focused on developing cutting-edge digital health solutions to address the
most pressing concerns of patients.


Of users increased interest in self-management


health behaviours


social integration

RxPx Patient Experience

The RxPx Patient Experience


Healthcare provider recommends RxPx’s community-based Patient Platform upon diagnosis/prescription

Joins Community

Finds a supportive community of patients facing similar challenges

AI Navigation

Intelligent AI Concierge gathers information about what resources and support the patient needs


Uses side effect trackers, medication reminders, and behavior-driven nudges


Reads data-driven health literacy and lifestyle content recommendations and resources

Connection and Engagement

Patient becomes empowered through community connection, strong self-advocacy, and data-backed conversations with their HCPs

RxPx’s Patient Platform helps break down the barriers between patients and the care they need.

With our platform, your therapeutic brand can drive long-lasting behavior around care
management routines, adherence, and persistence and prevent switching.

Medication Trackers & Reminders

Users can access medication trackers and reminders while customizing them to enhance adherence and patient outcomes.

Matchmaking Algorithm

Patients are connected to peers in the community who share similar interests and are in the same stage of their journey.

Adverse Event Monitoring

Trained community managers flag and report any visible post that might be considered an adverse event.

Artificial Intelligent Agent

Our friendly AI agent greets new users via custom prompts and ensures patients are placed in the social group that best fits their needs.

Self-Paced Content Program

Our tailor-made, evidence-based content educates patients about their diagnosis, medication, and disease management.

Gesture-Based Health Trackers

Health, mood, and wellness trackers help patients with disease management and improving outcomes.

Features that facilitate Education, Connection and Behavioural Change

Health Literacy

Peer Support

Health Tools

Health Literacy

Peer Support

Health Tools

How does it work?

RxPx’s Patient Platform Adheres to Data and Privacy Regulations

Establishing the Link Between Outcomes and Treatment

Combining the power of the HCP and Patient platforms enables shared decision-making between both parties. HCPs can share personalized analytical insights to evaluate patients’ symptoms and the impact of treatment on progression. As a result, they help patients stay on therapies and achieve better outcomes.

Enhance the patient experience by delivering
what matters to them.