Clinical Trials Discovery

RxPx/Curatio is in the discovery phase of developing an “AI Clinical Buddy”  solution designed to revolutionize clinical trials and enhance patient recruitment, adherence, monitoring and engagement. Our AI Clinical Buddy aims to provide real-time support, information, and assistance to patients throughout their clinical trial journey while tackling the high failure rate of Phase II-IV clinical trials using a novel AI approach.

By partnering with global leaders in the space, the AI Clinical Buddy system’s success has the potential to revolutionize the completion, success, and relevancy of clinical trials, improve accessibility of clinical trials to eligible patients while supporting patients and care teams throughout the process.

If you were a patient or Healthcare practitioner with experience in clinical trials, we’d like to hear from you!

Fill in your information below and we’ll get back to you to determine legibility to participate.


Basic Patient Qualifiers:

Age: 14 to 80
Gender:  All
Medical condition(s) involved in the clinical trial: Any
Type and phase of a clinical trial(s) participated in: Preferably Phase 3; however, will accept Phases 1 to 4
Region: US, CAN, UK

Participants will receive a $50 stipend for their time.

For more information on the AI Clinical Buddy project, please see here.

RxPx Partners with the World’s Leading Life Sciences Brands

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