The COVID-19 pandemic posed an additional challenge for hospital out-patients recovering from various surgeries and diagnoses. Patients were required to embark on their recovery journey while complying with mandated social distancing measures, further contributing to feelings of isolation and vulnerability. From this challenge, the Stronger Together App – and its core mission of “No Patient Alone” – was born.


A variety of Stronger Together communities such as the Joint Replacement and C-Section Communities were created. These communities were developed as a means to provide patients with a peer support network focused on improving health literacy, enhancing education about their specific health condition, mastering a particular challenge, and creating valuable connections between community members. Patients who joined these communities were able to access, at all times:

– Daily check-ins
– Coaching from nurses and other field experts
– Evidence-based health programs
– Live in-app events
– Expert opinion podcasts


We asked 103 Stronger Together community members about the app. Here’s what they said:

98% of participants answered “Yes” when asked if they needed the app
62% expressed a decrease in stress levels
63% said they felt a positive increase in wellbeing 92% overall satisfaction rate was indicated across participants