The Power of Peers, Technology, and Coaching for Improved Adherence

It is estimated that adherence to chronic medications is about 50%, which is far short of the typical 80% or more adherence rate needed for optimal efficacy. There are complex reasons why a patient does not adhere, including social, that can be addressed in a holistic way. The patient may have a diagnosis that leaves them unable to leave their house, work, or leaves them feeling otherwise isolated. They may be unable to access resources or manage their therapeutic needs or possible medication side effects. With decades of research showing that social support for patients and their caregivers and families improves health outcomes, Curatio has created a peer-to-peer patient platform that empowers users and increases adherence. The holistic approach to care management that combines community and technology is what Curatio calls the social health prescription.

A Social Platform for Health

Doctors and nurses have long recognized the benefit of peer support and have tried to connect patients on an ad hoc basis but it isn’t always successful. It can be challenging to find patients with enough in common to connect with each other. Curatio research shows that patients need help finding people they match with. The company helps with this by using patented matchmaking technology that helps you connect with other people like you. We refresh those matches every 24 hours. Curatio Engagement and Outreach Lead Amanda Simmons says “As soon as they get their diagnosis they can connect with a whole group of people who are going through the same thing as them. Having that peer support is really critical in our apps.” Curatio research shows 82% of patients on the app match with people like them.

Curatio has created a private space where you are completely in charge of who is in your circle and the people in your circle only see each other. Christine Lennox is a long Covid patient who uses the Curatio app Stronger Together. She says, “I am on there every other day. If someone has posted something that I could relate to I try to type and let them know you are not alone. We’re all fighting this battle together. Just hang in there. Because a lot of them are going through so much more than I am. The group itself has been a wonderful group. And I have a circle of friends there. We all reach out when we can.”

Community Manager

Users are also matched up with a community manager which is like a coach that helps you navigate the app. Amanda Simmons says, “The coach has the information and resources that the user is looking for. In our app we try to give you your mental health support. We give tips on side effect management. Sometimes our patients have financial struggles or housing issues and our community managers go above and beyond and try to help them search those resources.”

Curatio has a whole set of tools that are meant to help make your life easier by doing things such as tracking your mood, setting up medication reminders, or helping you find your nearest ER department. We also have an AI agent in the app that’s an ongoing thing in terms of continuing to build the intelligence.

Curatio provides a trusted source of information. What you are shown in the feed is curated content. We have our own micro-agency where we have a whole team of medical writers and health content experts that are developing these programs with evidence-based information. Often, they’re developing the programs with physicians. We have things like lifestyle tips and fun stuff like challenges and events. Says Christine Lennox, “The community manager will post stuff for healthy eating. And when she posts articles about other people and what they’ve tried, that really helps. It does help you in your mental struggle. I love the postings. I think they are wonderful. It just brightens your day. It makes you think I can do this.”

Social Health Prescription Results

After close to a decade of providing a social health prescription, Curatio’s data provides some interesting findings. Curatio has found that 86% of patients engage with the app weekly. Curatio research shows that 81% of users stay on therapy and 73% better manage side-effects. In a published, peer reviewed paper of women with cardiovascular disease who used Curatio, 80% reported increased interest in self-management. Says Amanda Simmons, “I think the way our app takes that holistic approach has been really significant to the return on health to our patients.” Christine Lennox agrees and intends to stay a user of the app. “They have helped quite a lot. I have no intention of letting them go.”

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